Informational text reflection: I didn’t enjoy typing us this paper as much as I liked creating my own poems. I did like one of the articles that I stumbled upon which talked about how reading poetry brings children together no matter what reading level they’re at. I think this fact stuck out to me the most, and I’ll definitely do my very best to include poetry into my classroom as much as possible. I also liked how it said that poetry helps children process life experiences that may be too hard to put into clear and direct feelings. I like that children will feel more comfortable to express themselves using this form of art.

Narrative reflection:
I truly enjoyed writing this piece of poetry. It has been so long so I’ve gotten the chance to freewrite on any topic that I choose. It did however take me a while to think of a more kid-friendly poem because I had to place myself in the reader’s shoes. Sometimes we get so caught up in the seriousness of being an adult that we forget what it’s like to be a kid. I had to really stick to writing a simple, but understandable poem that a child can read.
The first step I took was I created an outline. I wrote down the theme, and chose “best friend” because it is a similar topic that a lot of children can relate to as well as adults. While planning, I knew that I had to write a piece that was age appropriate for children. Then, when I began writing, I jotted down some rhyming words. From then, I created my poem and included those rhyming words. I also created an image of jumping rope, and playing outside which children can envision. It was truly fun to create this peace. Poetry is a way for children and people to express themselves. They can also play around with the meanings of metaphor, similes, and other types of symbolism in writing .Poetry also has a goal, and there are many ways to get the point across. The tone of the poem is also an understanding tone that allows the reader to see where the poem is going.
Poets can also choose whether or not to have the words rhyme or form a picture. Some poems can even be a few sentences long while still making a bold statement. I think that creating children’s literature through poetry is so essential for children to feel that they have an outlet. It doesn’t matter what age level, or stage of life a child is in.