The wind is blowing, and the leaves are falling down, one by one, swaying and swooshing in the wind. The half moon shines and glistens while radiating streaks of light.Passing cars can be heard, beeping at each other because there barely any street lights, making it almost impossible to see. The wind blows and the rusty swingset on the playground is heard which causes it to screech each time it moves in the air. All of a sudden, the door to a nearby house slams shut.

A little girl is seen wailing, and waving her arms in the air as she tries to pick up the backpack and clothes that were thrown in the air, and out of her house. Once she gathers her belongings, she bangs on the door, and all of a sudden that lights in the house shut off. She turns around to look at her surroundings, and then turns back around and “poof!” her home had disappeared! Immediately, the sun came out and the wind calmed. Her once gloomy and dark-colored outfit had now changed into a pink and purple ruffly dress. A hat fell out of the sky and landed right on her head. She put on her backpack, and took a stroll down her street.

As she was walking, a purple sparkly van pulled up next to her. An old lady smiling ear to ear had asked her, “where are your parents?” She replied that she got kicked out of her house, and when she had turned her back for a split second, her house was instantly gone! The old lady had now pulled over, and gotten out to speak to the girl some more. Skeptically looking at this old lady who had long slender legs in mens pants, the old lady snatched the hat off the girl and threw her in her van. The man then peeled off his old lady wig and top, and out appeared yellow stained teeth and a grimacing smile.

The girl kicked and screamed as she had gotten kidnapped and didn’t know what was going to happen next. While the girl was in the van, she began devising a plan on how to escape. The man had brought her to a park where she could swing, but couldn’t do anything else without permission. She got on the swings, and while he wasn’t looking, she threw her backpack at him, and then ran as fast as she could. As she looked behind her, he was catching up to her, closer and closer. She was out of breath, and then tripped. The man had caught her, and gave her silly juice to make her instantly fall asleep. Her eyes closed and when she woke up,she realized it was just a dream.

Second part of module:

I read the firs three Harry Potter books and fell in love with them. I would’ve continued on but I just didn’t set aside enough time to read all of them. I love how each of the books takes you to another world that you haven’t seen before. I also love how Harry has all of these magical powers, but really he’s just a normal person like everyone else. I think this gives people the idea that they can basically achieve anything they set their mind to.