3 cumulative steps to learning about fictionalized biographies:

First, have the children learn about the meaning and importance of fictionalized biographies

Then, once the students have a clear understanding of what they are, have them study one famous person’s fictionalized biography. Have students read several biographies on that specific person and then have the students record their emotions and first impressions in their journals.

Afterwards, have the children write their own fictionalized biographies. They can use what they learned to write their own. They can organize the events in their lives according to the major accomplishments that they’ve made. They can also write from one person’s point of view, and write from that person’s perspective.

I don’t think that so much time should be spent on teaching fictionalized biographies. I’m a college student now and can honestly say that I haven’t needed to read many biographies in my lifetime. Of course they are good to have at hand to learn information about people’s lives, but I don’t think its necessary to study certain historical figures for such long months at a time.

Participation task:

For this participation task, I chose to do some research on Maya Angelou. I remember being in high school and reading her poem, “I know why the Caged Bird Sings,” but I never got to learn much about her background. Maya Angelou was the first Africa American woman to have a non-fiction best-seller. She was also an author, screenwriter, dancer, and poet. Maya Angelou’s parents divorced when she was young. At the age of seven, she was raped by her mother’s boyfriend. When her uncle found out, he got revenge on the boyfriend and killed him. Maya Angelou was scarred from this incident and became a mute for many years. She also became the first black female cab conductor. She did experience a lot of prejudice and racism, and she was close to Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. Despite the adversities that she faced, she didn’t let those moments get in the way. Later on in life, she ended up producing more poetry, and also wrote several autobiographies. She and I are alike in that we both are Africa American women who have been through alot. Even though racism isn’t as bad as it was back in the day, I still feel that certain people have been racist towards me now and again, and maybe even moreso now since Trump has been elected.