I remember studying this poem in highschool. “The Caged Bird” is a classic that has been around for a long time. I like this poem because it symbolizes how the cage bird felt when it was caged, wings were clipped and wasn’t able to fly away like the free bird. It also allows the reader to self-reflect and compare the poem to their own lives and evaluate if their living their life to their fullest potential, or if they care too much of what others think.


I think this poem is cool because children can relate to the feeling of dreading the dentist. Its also interesting because the crocodile comes to life in this poem and tell the dentist about his teeth needing to be repaired.


I have always been a fan of Shel Silverstein. Its also a poem that encourages the reader to look inside themselves for the right answers to questions in their life, and encourages individuality. Any person of any age can relate to this poem.vc