Topic: writing sentences that ask a question

5 minutes: Introduction

I would begin by asking students who thinks they know what a question mark is? Who knows what it looks like? Why do we think question marks are important?

10 minutes: minilesson

I would begin by explaining the difference between statements and questions. I would teach that statements end with periods, and questions end with question marks. I would jot down some questions, such as, “What is the weather like today?” and “How old are you?” so that they know when questions are used.

5 minutes: brainstorming ideas

In a circle on the rug, have students brainstorm some questions for the teacher to write down on a big white sheet of paper.

10-15 minutes: participate

Have the students then break up into partners, two to a group, and have each student come up with questions to share with their partners. After sharing, have the students go back to their desks and write down five questions that they were able to come up with.

5 minutes: Share

Have the students come back to the rug and share some of the questions with the rest of the class.