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1st grade Mini Lesson

What went well: The teacher asked many questions and also allowed the students to think about the answer without the teacher giving it to them.

Needs work: I personally don’t like that she wrote on the board, I would’ve preferred for her to write on a blank white sheet of paper that was more legible and meaningful for the students, because the writing was very hard to see.

Poetry mini lesson:

what went well: The teacher gave some background information, and went over the vocabulary words she wanted to teach them and then had them whisper to one of their friends the definition. The students got to look through the poem for examples of the definitions. They also got to share with their neighbors the examples of alliterations and sensory details.

Needs work: The teacher wasn’t very enthusiastic when she was reading. It would’ve been better for her to switch up the tones when reading to grasp the teacher’s attention even more.

Reader’s workshop:

what went well: The teacher talked about her experiences reading, asked the questions beforehand, and also let the students think about why its important to reread books sometimes. She then had the students go back to their seats to pick a book to read. She also reminded the students to remain quiet when they walked back to their seats

Needs work: I didn’t find anything that needed work in this video.

Kindergarten workshop:

what went well: I liked that the teacher related the lesson to her life, and explained what the children were going to do. She also did a good job explaining what it means to be silly, and reminded them of the importance to place a space after each word using her finger. I also liked that each student had their own individual place to sit on the mats.

what needs work: She expected the students to sit quietly for too long, and also had a hard time keeping their attention because she took up too much time telling her own personal story.