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Reading the articles on how Common Core books fails children of color is truly disheartening. Being an African American woman, this infuriates me even more because right from the beginning many children are set up to fail and it is not fair whatsoever. I have been privileged to have gone to great schools my entire life and have received an awesome education so it really grinds my gears to read that many children are getting such a disservice. Reading those articles are a big eyeopener because it explains why many children of color don’t feel motivated to learn. They are constantly only shown one glimpse into a white privileged world, and overtime this make them feel less than or incapable of achieving better things in the future. I think these articles are so important to read because we get to understand that African American males that live in low-income societies have so much more on their plate to worry about besides school. Some have to worry about being the leader in their house, since so many have absent fathers. Some children also have to worry about where their next meal is going to come from. Those of us who have not ever had to worry about going hungry, or making it to school safely just got a small glimpse of what many of these children of color worry about. All of these problems accumulate and then to add not feeling important in the classroom just makes things nearly impossible. It is sickening to know that these are the standards that all schools have to follow and yet they leave out a big population of the students that read the books provided. I do however feel empowered and determined to help out all children in my classroom. I want every single child to see themselves in the literature so that everyone will feel included.  As a teacher I will go above and beyond to make sure everyone is understood and feels important. I will go above and beyond to provide the children with the same safety and feeling of acceptance that I felt while attending school throughout the years. I will make a difference.